Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Please see below for some common questions when purchasing drug and alcohol testing equipment. More information can also be found on the product pages. If you still need some clarification please don't hesitate to contact or call 1300 000 000



What drug test do I need?

This will depend on a few things and is often related to the workplace policy and procedure and what is trying to be achieved. For assistance in understanding the difference in the devices contact Drug Test Equipment. 

What is a non negative

This is where a person has submitted a sample for testing and it has returned an initial positive on the screening device. At this point it is sent to lab for a confirmatory test.


What do I do if someone tests positive?

This will again relate to your policy and procedure at your workplace. Someone may be stood down or managed in a non-high risk work area until the results of the confirmation test are returned. 


Which is better urine or oral?

Both tests are very accurate but they do have different window of identification of substances. Identification will generally be possible for longer periods in urine fluid compare to oral. The best test to choose is dependent on what you are trying to identify with the test. Contact Drug Test Equipment for more information.


What is a passive alcohol test?

This is where a test is performed to identify alcohol in a sample of breath usually by talking or blowing across the top of the device. If alcohol is detected then an active test is done to determine the exact level of breath alcohol.